Children Ministry

MISSION: To know God and make Him known

BY: Equipping children to be transformed into Christ’s image.

VISION: Centre of excellence; training children in biblical truths and Godly principles of life.

Nurture their growth in responsibility, integrity and discipline.

OVERALL OBJECTIVES: CITAM children Ministry targets age 15 and below.


  • Development of holistic and responsible believers.
  • Encourage learning of godly principles and application in life.
  • Peoples mentoring, counselling and fellowship for effective godly families.
  • Grounding in the word of God for church and world transformation.


1) Effectively teach every Child the word of God.

1) Disciple every child.

3) Reach the orphaned and vulnerable children within reach.

4) Encourage regular participation of children in the corporate church worship.

5) Provide a conducive learning environment.


The Children ministry exists to supplement and complement laying of spiritual foundation in families that in God’s timing may lead to development of a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Proverbs 22:6.


  1. WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES: Every Sunday; Baby class to class eight both services. Sunday school classes in various ages [Peace class to Class 8]
  2. HIGHLIGHTS OF PASSAGE EXPERIENCES. (HOPES): Childhood to teenage hood transition program. Target: Class 6-8 ending in December with HOPES camp for class eights in KCPE or class sevens in GCSE.

Curriculum supports spiritual, physical and emotional growth as well as personal grooming and career development.

  1. EASTER AND CHRISTMAS PROGRAMS: The children expose their talents in ministry.

Reaching out to other Children through crusades and rally’s and visits to children’s home.


Children’s Ministry is composed of

  1. a) Pastor(s)
  2. b) Coordinating team
  3. c) Working teams which are 8,
  4. i) Worship ii) Curriculum ii) Missions and outreach iv) HOPES v) Programs vi) Social vii) Class conveners and viii) Parents Teachers fellowship.


  1. Born again believer
  2. Registered CITAM member.
  3. Heart for children


  1. Talk to the children’s Pastor
  2. Express your desire to any teacher or superintendent for direction to the children’s pastor.


  1. One month orientation is available.
  2. Trainings twice a year.

3. Pray, start small, build confidence

Music Ministries

Music Ministry exists to serve God with the gifts He has given us in relation to music. We value this ministry because Colossians 3:16 shows us it is a ministry of God’s Word, to build up his church.

The music ministry meetings are every Saturday from 2:00-5:00pm and Sunday.


VISION: To worship God in spirit and in truth as Jesus said in John 4:24

Our goal: The primary goal of worship at CITAM Thika Rd. is to provide opportunities for all to experience God’s presence in a personal and life-changing way, and for believers to express and deepen their faith, hope and love for our God through music.

The worship ministry is comprised of;

  1. Vocalists – gifted singers and skillful musicians who lead us in to praise and worship during the worship services.
  2. Instrumentalists-these play various instruments in church depending on their area of skill and talent.

Requirements for joining the worship team;

  • Must be born again
  • Be a worshipper
  • Should demonstrate basic musical skill
  • Have the skill of playing at least one instrument (this applies for instrumentalist)
  • Be available for practice sessions and during the worship services

Creative Ministry

Missions, Outreach & Social Action

Mission Statement

CITAM outward function (missions and outreach) exists to make Christ known through evangelism, church planting, sending missionaries, media and social action through direct activities or partnering with other churches, mission agencies and Christians who have the same burden, beliefs and approach

Vision Statement

Through missions and outreach, CITAM will seek to impact Kenya and the whole world at large with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit

Specific Objectives & Activities:

  1. Missions:
  2. Mobilize CITAM Thika Rd. Family for missions. Members shall be accorded opportunity to pray for missionary work, give towards missions, visit mission stations and be encouraged to train for missionary work.
  1. Involvement in the mission station assigned to CITAM Thika Rd.
  2. Partner with mission agencies that are involved in cross-cultural missions in identification and training of missionaries
  3. Evangelism:
  4. Have every member of CITAM to be a witness of our Lord Jesus Christ in lifestyle and verbal communication.
  1. Challenge all the ministries and fellowships in CITAM Thika Rd. to be involved in evangelistic outreaches.
  2. Mobilize and train CITAM members on contemporary methods of Evangelism.
  3. Impacting the next generation through “school outreach campaigns”

iii.  Social Action:

  1. Relief – Provision of clothing & food:
  2. Influence the whole congregation to give donations of clothing and food as an avenue to reach the needy with the gospel especially in slums around our assembly / mission field.
  3. Economic empowerment for Small Scale Businesses and/ or Training.
  4. Encourage our members who are endowed with particular expertise to share it with those having the same interest, to help them to realize their full potential.
  5. Responding to National Disasters: Respond to such national disasters as floods, accidents, drought, fires etc while seeking to meet the spiritual needs of those affected.
  6. Health – Medical Camps: Organize a medical camp at least once a year, where our medical experts shall endeavor to meet the needs of our communities / mission fields as we seek to meet their evangelistic needs.

Holy Communion

Vision statement: The Lord’s Table is celebrated in a honorable atmosphere where God is glorified and people’s lives are touched through the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Mission statement: To contribute towards the celebration of the Holy Communion through timely preparation of the bread and the wine and setting up the table for the service in a solemn atmosphere that promotes worship.


  • To recruit adequate number of dedicated ladies with fair representation of age groups
  • To have adequate number of people serving in specific services
  • To strengthen fellowship among members through regular meetings, involvement in common activities that bond members together by ministering to one another as need arises.
  • To ensure that there are adequate receptacles for smooth and uninterrupted service
  • To develop mechanisms that will ensure adequate preparation and availability of members for communion
  • Hold regular meetings between meetings those who prepare and those who serve Communion

Colossians 3:23 whatever you do, work at it with your heart as working for the Lord and not for man.


VISION: A centre of excellence, in Biblical counseling, for Church members and the community.

MISSION: To help people live out their full potential, by offering godly counsel, for those in need.


  1. Develop a team of counselors who are Christ- like and above reproach.
  2. Promote quality Counseling in the Church.
  3. Provide professional skills in different areas of Counseling.
  4. Reach out to those in need in our congregation and community.
  5. Offer Support during the Altar Ministry.
  6. Help new believers to find their footing in the new – found faith.


  • Compassion – Math. 9:36.
  • Integrity – Prov. 2:7.
  • Professionalism – Col. 3:23.
  • Servants heart – – Math. 20:26.


  • Emotional issues – anxiety, loneliness, anger, guilt, depression, spiritual issues etc.
  • Parenting challenges – Child rearing, Adolescence, Youth, Young adults, middle age.
  • Social challenges – Abuse, Sexuality, Violence,
  • Marriage issues – Premarital counsel, Divorce, Separation, Child-bearing issues.
  • Self Esteem – Singlehood, Grief, Loss, and Illness.
  • Alcoholism / Drug Addiction – / Finances / Career guidance / HIV-AIDS etc.

Media Ministry (Sound & Projection)

Vision: Meet and exceed all audio/visual requirements and expectations of CITAM Thika Rd. by providing high level of professionalism and quality service hence create a worship experience that is real and memorable.

Mission: To support CITAM’S mission by meeting all the audio visual needs with the available resources or rented when needed.


  • Acquire a high level of organization so as to be able to meet demand and provide audio/visual services in a professional manner
  • Ensure high quality audio/visual production in all the services
  • Seek to achieve high level of recording, duplication, packaging and marketing of our pulpit messages
  • Strive to provide quality of presentations of all songs and seek to provide translation of the same to our non-swahili speaking congregation

This is achieved by

  • Ensuring all personnel acquire high level of competence to meet and exceed expectations of the church by consistent relevant training
  • Upgrading our audio/visual equipment and instruments
  • Serving and maintaining all the equipment to professional standards consistently
  • Maintaining good working relationships with all users endeavoring to meet their needs effectively
  • Educating all users on how to handle and operate relevant pieces of equipment for proper output in whatever they seek to do.


  • Must be born again
  • Be a registered member of the church
  • Be ready to dedicate your time fully into the ministry
  • Should have a training or interest to be trained in media ie graphic design, voice over, camera and videography etc.

Prayer & Intercessory

VISION: To see a mature and prayerful congregation actively involved in individual and corporate prayers.

Mission: To mobilize the church members to pray for families, The church and the Nation.


  • Mobilization and recruitment.
  • Training members on sound doctrines on prayer
  • Teaming up with CITAM Assemblies to pray for church, Families and the Nation
  • Enhancing spiritual disciplines of prayer and fasting through practical engagements
  • Participation in praying for the church activities and members
  • Establishing prayer forums that will attract members to pray.

Forums for prayer;

  • Intercessory hour-Sundays 7.30am in green house and 9.00am in the Chapel
  • Tuesdays in the church tent 6.00-7.30pm
  • Wednesdays-6.00-7.30pm-Experiencing through prayer and worship
  • Power encounter-Every Sunday 8.00am
  • Last Fridays of the month-First watch 6.00-9.00pm and all night of worship experience-9.00pm-6.00am.
  • March and October prayer and fasting retreats.
  • CITAM joint prayers-First Sundays @various Assemblies.

How to join: University chapel and green house as specified.


Vision: To see a joyful, hopeful and encouraged church membership and society, having shared the love of Christ through fellowship and care.

Mission: To stand alongside with church members and society in both joy and sorrow so that they can take their right standing in Christ.

Objectives: Ensure immediate and sustained response [during the time of mourning] to  the bereaved, and the sick in hospitals and homes.

  • Communicate God’s love through funeral and burial services to bring the hurting to God.
  • Reach out to Hospitals within our reach and share God’s love and compassion to inpatients.
  • Recruit, train and empower workers through training for effectiveness.


  • Hospital visitation –Encouraging and praying with the sick-pointing them to Christ.
  • Bereavements: Consoling and praying with bereaved families of our members at pre and post burial.
  • Celebrations: Rejoicing with those rejoicing –for God’s favor i.e. graduations, Births, Thanksgivings etc.

Requirements: Born again believer. Heart of compassion. Ready to serve when called upon.

Meeting venue /Day /Time: At the overflow tent every Sunday at 1.00pm.

Hospitality (Ushering & Welcome)


VISION: To usher in every person who comes to our services with a warm handshake to make them feel highly welcome.

MISSION: The mission of the Usher Ministry is to accommodate every congregants who enters the church with a seat in the most pleasant and efficient manner possible.


  • To ensure that the service runs orderly and efficiently
  • To ensure a conducive environment for the worshippers as they go to God’s presence
  • To collect offering during the church services


VISION: To provide a warm and welcoming environment in Church

MISSION: To extend a hand of welcome to worshippers while ensuring that every new person feels welcome to the church


  • To warmly greet worshippers as they enter church
  • Receive all visitors at the end of every church service
  • Provide visitors with information about the church
  • Ensure that all new members are welcomed warmly in the church