Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry

Jesus said, “let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” MATTHEW 19:14

VISION : Connecting Every Child to Christ and Others

MISSION : To raise a generation that knows love and serve Christ through sound teaching of the word of God as empowered by the Holy Spirit.


Greetings in the name of Jesus! I sincerely thank the Lord for the opportunity of serving in this Great Ministry. The love of God has been, is and will continue to be our source of inspiration and reason for us to continue ministering to these precious lives. I must say it’s a blessing to have the support of the church leadership, parents/guardians, and committed teachers. We have seen tremendous growth spiritually and numerically through the years as we endeavor to “CONNECT EVERY CHILD TO CHRIST AND OTHERS” in every area of their lives. I look forward to a continue time of exciting and fruitful ministry of investing into the lives of our children through the help of the Holy Spirit so that they can grow to make a difference in the world. Thank you all for your continued support and may the Lord bless you.

In Christ’s Service.

Pst Rhoda Rompen – Children’s Pastor.

I started teaching Sunday school when I was in Mombasa Primary School. During that time, teachers were very few. Children of all ages were taught together and teaching was very difficult and only the older children benefited from the teachings. I tried several times to leave the ministry but the call from above cannot be escaped. I still enjoy and love Sunday School. God bless.

Mrs. Lucy Nyamweya & Mrs. Dorothy Buni


The class attendance ranges between 70-90 babies. Currently there are five committed teachers who sometimes are overwhelmed by the number and the work they do apart from teaching the word like assisting them to the toilet, handling the first timers who cry for their parents etc. At this age, a lot of sacrifices and patience is required considering the level of concentration and understanding and this far the Lord has granted grace to those involved. There’s great need for more teachers/workers. The church provides snacks like biscuits and the baby really appreciates. Teachers in -charge are: Dorothy Buni, Lucy Nyamweya, Livingstone Munjua, Francisca Wamuyu, Walter Ayiera and Philip Githinji.


The class attendance is between 75-100. Normally, the class receives those who graduate from baby class. In the beginning it is difficult to bring them to concentrate on the teachings but with time, they get used and start enjoying being taught the Word of God from this stage they start learning reading and memorizing scriptures, praying and presenting songs. Teachers in-charge are: Newton Kinyua, Rebeca Kinyua, Selina Mulama and Liz Ogonda.


The normal attendance averages between 70-90 children. They are taught the word of God and the bible is our guide. We encourage them to carry their Bibles, notebook, pens to aid in their personal study and parents to do constant follow-up on what their children lean. Teacher’s in-charge are: Nancy Mwangi, Angela Wangia and Collins Mkoba as a helper.


The class attendance is between 50-70 children. At this stage, they are attentive and curious to know more the World. The challenge faced by the teachers is to help children recognizing their talents, exploring them and enabling them to grow spiritually. Our aim as teachers is to equip the children as they approach their teenage so that they will take their stand having faith and trust in God. Teachers in-charge are: Joseph Ndiritu and Faith Mutua.


The class attendance ranges between 30-40 especially during school holidays since most of them are in boarding schools. Consists of both boys and girls. They use the Bible as the base of all studies and discussions and Bible study guides in the sessions. We encourage all to support our extra-curiculum programs like outreaches and class trips. Teachers in-charge are: Sylivia Kanoti, Morris Kawinzi and Michael Maunde as a helper.


The number attending the teens class is between 20-30. They are taught the word of God in most sessions but at times they also have a time of class outing. Teacher’s in-charge are: Samson Njera and Francisca Njera 


  1. Daily Vocational Bible school (D.V.B.S)
  2. Children’s Camp
  3. Teens Camp
  4. Cross Over Camp
  5. Children’s Day Out
  6. Children’s Rally
  1. Monthly Prayer Sunday Services
  2. Quarterly Talent Celebration Services
  3. Class Outing – Include outreaches, Visiting Children home etc.
  4. Monthly Good News Bible Club.


Anyone who’s born again, Registered Member of MPC and has a desire or calling to impact the knowledge of the Word of God into the lives of children.

  1. More laborers (Teacher /Workers)
  2. Renewal of strength and zeal for current team
  3. Children’s Growth both Spiritually and Numerically
  4. Enlargement of our territories to reach out to others
  5. Work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of children