Governance and Leadership

Mombasa Pentecostal Church has a well defined governance structure, with a clear separation of financial management from the pastoral ministry. This has ensured accountability and good stewardship within the church. Guided by the constitution of the church, the governance structure is as below:

This is the overall governing body of the church, made up of church members as a form of a congregational governing structure.

The church has four elders who provide oversight and leadership to various ministry segments. Working together with ministry Pastors and Deacons, they ensure spiritual growth of the congregation.

This consists of the Senior Pastor and not less than seven elected members who ensure efficient and smooth running of church ministries and financial operations.

This is made up of six pastors who oversee different ministries in the church and ensure spiritual nourishment and growth of the congregation.

This consists of the Accounting, Hygiene, Front office, Security and Technical staff who are dedicated to ensuring smooth running of day to day operations as well as proper financial management of church resources through the guidance of the Church Administrator.