Marketplace Christian Network

Marketplace Christian Network (MCN)

Key Verse: ``...And whatever you do, do it heartily as to the Lord and not to men... (Col. 3:23)``

Majority of Christians find it easy to live and practice their faith within the four walls of the church building. Some say, they would be very good Christians were it not for their workplaces, or, they will start serving God full time once they quit the “secular” job. In other words serving God is only done at Church. Actually, other Christians still, see the whole concept of work as a curse, not knowing that before the fall of man, he was already tending the garden, and that God Himself works even now. This kind of thinking generates negative attitudes towards work and the workplace in general, thereby affecting their productivity/ performance and in effect their Christian witness.

The bible is full of principles that relate to work and to business. And God has promised to bless the work of our hands but only when we operate according to His principles. This then lays a burden on Christian leaders/pastors to equip their members on how they can effectively share their faith at their workplace and how they can activate God’s blessings in their individual lives by operating within God’s stipulated principles. It all has to begin from appreciating the value of work and seeing ones workplace both as his mission-field and his pulpit, and pursuing excellence in whatever we do.

The bible teaches us that we are both the salt and the light of the world. And that no one lights a lamp and hides it under the table, but rather he puts it on a lamp stand so as to give light to all. Bible characters like Joseph, Nehemiah and Daniel used their vocation to serve God and to bring Him glory. These are men who worked with excellence, faithfulness and diligence. They basically understood their mission in the work place. We can do the same in our generation

In order to do this effectively we need both to encourage and support one another. We need to spur one another unto good works, for “united we stand, divided we fall”. This is why we need to network with other fellow believers in the marketplace who subscribe to the same Christian values, to ensure that we are not Christians only on Sundays or at Church but rather, we are Christians in the Marketplace.

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