Men of Destiny

Men of Destiny (MOD)


Men are to honor God’s word and be holy in Christ as God is holy. Therefore we must be transformed by the renewing of our mind that we may prove God’s will by being the best men, husbands, and fathers that we can be (Romans 12:2). It’s well known that strong, godly men are foundational for healthy churches and healthy homes (Proverbs 27:17). As leaders in our homes and our church, we serve those around us by participating in acts of service as the needs arise courageously without fear….But as for me and my house we will serve the LORD.”  (Joshua 24:15)


To inspire men of all ages to be courageous servant leaders ready to impact our families, church and the society for Christ.


The mission of the Men’s Ministry at Mombasa Pentecostal Church is to provide men with the resources to support their spiritual growth and equip, encourage and engage men to influence their world for Jesus Christ.


  1. To encourage men to study the word of God consistently.
  2. To encourage men participation in outreach activities such as evangelism and missions and also supporting other church activities.
  3. To promote spiritual growth and build men with desired Christ-like inspired lifestyle and character through deliverance, integrity, and nurturing accountability.


  1. To reach and develop men and encourage them to be authentic men of action (men with a destiny).
  2. To create opportunities that brings or unites men in Bible study, prayer (men’s bi-monthly prayer breakfasts), ministry service involvement, fellowship, and accountability.
  3. Participation in outreach and missions to the community and institutions.
  4. Facilitating bonding session amongst men through the men’s bonding forums and activities that leads to significant relationships.
  5. Partnering the men in community and church development projects.