Mwangaza Visionary School

Mwangaza Visionary School

In 1998 Mombasa Pentecostal Church decided to meet a need of illiteracy in a village called Ngomeni in Kwale district. Kwale is one of the poorest districts in Kenya. Adult education classes were started and the progress was good. However, we realized that a more permanent solution was needed and the answer was traced to be in educating the children.


That was the beginning of Mwangaza Visionary School. Because of lack of funding we started a nursery school but when the children were ready to go to the next level of primary education we didn’t know what to do with the children because our vision of laying Godly foundation was likely to be eroded in the public schools which were too far anyway. The church decided to take a step of faith and start the primary section of the school and started constructing a classroom every year through well wishers. The first KCPE examination Class sat in 2007.

Our Vision

To transform the community around Mwangaza Visionary School through the gospel using child education.

Our Mission

To provide a good learning environment physically, spiritually and mentally. This will enable our pupils to become responsible and reliable citizens who will eventually become instruments of change.

Our Strategy

Provide the children with an enabling, secure and challenging environment; Train the children in the knowledge and respect of God and man; Avail qualified and skilled teachers; Offer a feeding program for the children; Facilitate extracurricular activities where the gifting and talents of the children can be harnessed; Help the children reach their full potential and become instruments of change.

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