Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives

1. Training and Development of members and Christian Leaders

To mobilize members and train them for effective ministry engagement, and continuously identify and develop accountable Christian leaders who will provide focused leadership to MPC and the society.

2. Missions

To reach out to and impact our community with the love of Jesus Christ both corporately and individually through evangelism and practical demonstration to those in need.

3. Church growth

To enhance qualitative and quantitative growth in the membership of MPC and to plant branch family churches through effective outreach, assimilation and continuous discipleship programmes

4. Church Governance

To develop effective administrative structures, systems and policies and human resource capacity capable of sustaining the expansion and growth of MPC Church Physical facilities and security

5. To have adequate, well-maintained and effectively utilized physical facilities

Sound systems, security system and other amenities that will effectively support the ministry and growth MPC.

6. Holy Spirit-led Music and prayer

To have a vibrant music ministry that will help develop a lifestyle of Holy Spirit-led worship and prayer in the lives of MPC members.

7. Preaching and teaching the word of God

To have a Biblically balanced, systematic and relevant preaching and teaching of the doctrines of Jesus Christ without compromise.

8. Hospitality and Christian families

To inculcate a caring and welcoming environment to visitors, and an atmosphere of genuine friendships and relationships towards building a united family church that demonstrates the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

9. Church Communication and Media

To develop effective internal and external communication systems and innovatively employ the media for outreach and for MPC members’ spiritual growth for the glory of God.